Everyone Outside is a program to get more people (children, teens, adults, seniors) outside enjoying the natural world to promote healthy living and environmental stewardship. 

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Additional Programs

Women of the Woods or WoW has monthly gatherings for women to enable them to connect with the natural world. Most gatherings are hikes in the woods of central Connecticut. We take the time to admire the beauty around us, experience some quiet time in nature, and enjoy each others company.

Girls's Outside - is a new program to assist girls in connecting with the natural world. It is partially funded by a grant from Middlesex County Community Foundation's Fund for Women & Girls.



Ice at Wadsworth Falls State Park

I am always amazed at the beauty of ice in the winter. Wadsworth Falls State Park is often a good place to find amazing ice.

The Big Falls has added splendor with the ice.

I found amazing ice crystals near my feet in the frozen stream.

The forms along the edge of the flowing stream above the falls were breathtaking too.


Lots of Snow

We had over two feet of snow a few days ago that changed the winter landscape dramatically. There was so much snow that the state did not plow the parking areas for Wadsworth Falls State Park. Luckily, I was able to park at Wadsworth Mansion and enjoy some cross-country skiing on this beautiful, warm, sunny day.

The blue sky, and sunshine lifted my spirits as we skied on what had once been carriage roads when Colonel Wadsworth lived in the mansion in the early 1900s.


Chapman Pond Preserv

I was lucky enough to walk at Chapman Pond Preserve in East Haddam two weeks in a row. On January 23 at 8:30 AM it was clear and cold; only 8 degrees F when I started my 3-mile hike.  A week later, Jan 30 at 8:30 AM it was foggy and a balmy 48 degrees F.  What a difference a week makes! Chapman Pond one of the few freshwater, tidal ponds and is a little known, but beautiful preserve to explore.

Our Sponsors

The Everyone Outside Program is funded in part by grants from the Rockfall Foundation, Middletown, CT and the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, Middletwon, CT. Additional sponsors of the program are the Connecticut Forest & Park Association and Durham Recreation. Please contact us if you would like to become a sponsor.

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