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Reparations Acknowledgement for BIPOC Individuals & Families

We recognize the historical inequalities and systemic bias of our country and the generational impact this has had on BIPOC communities. We continue to recognize as members of the nature connection community that these programs often operate in predominantly white spaces, have been rooted in colonization, and are held on indigenous land. We are committed to the work of repair. In service to our goal of approaching injustice from a healing perspective, we offer a monetary reparations acknowledgement to self-identified Black/Indigenous people of color (BIPOC) individuals for our paid programs. This is not offered as a reflection of financial circumstance but to prioritize decolonization and further equitable access to nature connection. We aim to lessen the generational impact of biased systems and return land and resources to our community.

To apply the reparations acknowledgement to your selected program: 
- Complete a registration form for the program in which you’d like to participate.
- At checkout, please enter the available BIPOC coupon code described on that program’s registration page. (This is usually either $25 or $50 depending on the program.)

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