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Vernal pools to explore!
Please remember that vernal pool creatures and their eggs are extremely fragile and if handled at all, need to be treated very carefully!
To see what is happening at local vernal pools, click here for the EO Blog.
Another great resource for learning more about vernal pools is the Vernal Pool Association.
frog eggs ii.jpg

Wadsworth Mansion

Middletown, CT

wads mansion vernal pool.jpg

This vernal pool is one of the most accessible in Middletown. On a sunny days in early spring, this is a great place to hear and see wood frogs! 


Park in the lot on the west side of the Wadsworth Mansion at 421 Wadsworth Street, Middletown and follow the trail east of the main entrance to the Mansion labeled Middle Lane approx. 50 ft. to the pond. 

For more info about all of the trails at the Mansion, click here.


Wadsworth Falls State Park

Middletown, CT

wadsworth falls vernal pool.jpg

A vernal pool hidden in heavily-used Wadsworth Falls State Park.
Main Parking lot: 721 Wadsworth St, Middletown, CT
Big Falls Parking lot: 35 Cherry Hill Rd, Rockfall, CT
Starting at either park entrance, follow the orange trail to the red trail. The vernal pool is on the red trail and is marked on the map to the right.
For the full map of the park click here


Highlawn Forest Trails

Middletown/Rockfall, CT

cfpa_vernal pools.jpg

In addition to beautiful, level trails, this preserve has two vernal pools located within 0.2 miles of the parking lot. This means, if you are bringing any kind of equipment with you (nets, viewing scopes, buckets...) this is the place for you!
Trail head: CFPA Headquarters, 16 Meriden Road, Rockfall
Starting at the trail head, follow the main trail for about 800 ft. to the first vernal pool (left hand side of trail) or 1000 ft. to the second vernal pool (right hand side of trail).
For more information and a complete map of this preserve, click here


Field Forest

Durham, CT

field forest vernal pool hike.jpg

A vernal pool with quacking wood frogs in early spring and tadpoles by April. There are two parking/trail options to get here (these are both total hike distance):
Option 1: (total distance: ~0.75 miles) Start hike at Field Forest trail head on Bear Rock Rd. in Durham.
Option 2: (total distance: ~1.5 miles) Start hike at trail head in the northeast corner of the parking lot of Coginchaug High School on Pickett Ln in Durham.
Both options: Hike the blue-blazed trail to the vernal pool (marked red on the map) 

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