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Frequently-Asked Questions:

Program Registration:

How do I request additional Financial Aid?

In addition to our sliding-scale fee structure, we also offer additional financial aid for all of our programs. 

To request additional aid:

1. On the registration form: In the session tuition section, select the lowest tuition tier offered. 

2. On the registration form, click the box "Yes, I would like to request additional financial aid" and answer the questions.

3. Complete your registration and pay the $15 registration fee/deposit to hold your child's spot in the program. 

After these steps are complete, we will review your financial aid request and contact you with the amount we are able to offer you. After you agree to the amount offered, we will edit your account to reflect the amount of aid awarded internally and you will receive an email confirmation of the updated program balance. 


If we do not have sufficient funds available to be able to offer you enough aid for your child to be able to attend, or if you choose to withdraw your child at this time, your $15 registration fee will be refunded. 

I can't afford the registration fee right now. What do I do?

Please use the coupon code "NOCREDITCARD" at checkout and your registration fee/deposit will be reduced to 0. 

I do not want to pay online. May I pay cash or mail you a check?

Yes. If you would like to pay by cash/check, please use the coupon code "NOCREDITCARD" at checkout and we will contact you about paying for your selected program a different way. 

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