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Activities for Everyone!

Let us help you connect with the natural world! 
School Field Trips

Let us help you get your students out into nature! We can easily adapt all of our field trips to any grade level and to various science or language arts curricula. 

Click the button below to see which field trips we offer!

Exploring Vernal Pools

Connecticut has tons of spring or "vernal" pools that are fascinating places to visit. Click on the link below for descriptions of our favorite ones to visit and more information about vernal pool creatures!

frog eggs ii.jpg
Beautiful hikes!

There are so many beautiful places to explore in Connecticut!

Click  below for a link to some of our favorite places to hike in and around Middlesex County.

Fun Nature Activities

There are tons of fun things to do outside! Let us give you a few ideas: do a scavenger hunt, collect different objects for a "nature museum", make your own sit spot, collect tree bark and brew your own tea. Click below for more!

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