Reparations Awards for BIPOC Individuals & Families

Recognizing that many of the systems within which Everyone Outside's nature connection work is nested are built on the stolen land and/or stolen labor of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and people of color, we are committed to the work of repair. In service to our goal of approaching Decolonization from a healing perspective, for our programs, we offer a Reparation Award to self-identified Black/Indigenous people of color (BIPOC) individuals. This is not a scholarship fund, and we do not assume that BIPOC individuals do not have access to wealth. These reparations are offered with an attempt at integrity and a prayer for collective liberation.

If your child and/or your family self-identifies as members of the BIPOC community, please feel welcome to select the Reparations Award option on your program registration sheet. (This is most often in the form of a coupon code. See the registration information for details.)