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Planting Seeds of Gratitude!

Here at Everyone Outside we value pausing to recognize all that we feel grateful for. The practice of gratitude grounds us in our community. It offers comfort, uplifts us, and creates a positive atmosphere for us to be a part of. We begin each of our programs by giving everyone a chance to share what they are feeling grateful for. In doing so, we create an environment that allows us to connect and grow with each other. When we plant these seeds of gratitude we have the opportunity to watch them bloom into something much bigger.

This year, we are so grateful for all the amazing things we were able to experience together. It is heartwarming to see what we practice translate into all that we do.

We are most grateful for smiles, community, joy, and friendships! Thank you to all who have joined us and made each and every program so special. Getting to know and explore with all of you is our favorite part of the year!

We are grateful for our outdoor imagination and the many ways we've created with nature this year. It is always amazing to see friends work together to transform nature and build their imaginations.

We love to find all the ways nature is amazing! Every adventure has new things in store for us. We always enjoy finding the coolest rocks, the best views, and exploring the elements at our programs!

We also show gratitude for all the little nature friends we've discovered and learned from this year. Taking time to explore the life around us can lead to surprises, unexpected friendships, and a new appreciation for our wondrous world.

Naming what we are thankful for helps us to experience the fullness of whats around us and be present in every moment. We encourage you to think about what your grateful for today and everyday! Join us in planting these seeds and watch them grow into abundance!

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