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Nature Explorers Photo Journal - Fall 2020

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Despite all the challenges of 2020, we were able to resume in-person children's programs this fall with a few modifications and they went really well. Our nature exploration programs were even more important for children in 2020 given all the hours they had to be in front of a screen. This fall we were able to offer 2 longer programs during the traditional school day (in addition to an after-school program). 36 young masked explorers enjoyed weekly nature explorations.

You can’t teach nature connection. Children connect when they have fun in the natural world.

Children need to play in the woods. (Studies have shown that the play of children is more imaginative in nature.)

Children love to play games and hide.

Did you see there are 2 children in the photo above?

Their natural curiosity comes out and they notice what is around them.

They find frogs and learn to carefully catch and hold them.

They can be fascinated by what they see (praying mantis).

They thrive on time to be creative with natural materials.

The kids came up with the idea to make these turkeys.

Plant pounding onto cloth, painting with plants and petal potions

Drawing with a charcoal pencil made in the fire.

With the help of adult mentors, children love to cook over a fire.

Making tea with plants they collected

Fire cooked biscuits on a stick

Once they learn the skills to be safe, it is amazing what children can do.

Using a coal to make the bowl of a spoon

Children need time to build forts and climb.

To be resilient, children need to learn to work together and to have fun outside year round.

To learn about our early March 2020 Girls Outside program, see the EO Blog post, Girls & Frogs to hear about a fun adventure.

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